M!A your faerie is a hyur girl for 2 hours

((So…this ended up being Urianger getting laid. NSFW fic under cut, and be nice, because it’s my first time writing something like this.))

He blinks in surprise at the spell, standing up to protest — face heating quicker than the sentence finishes, remembering the last time this had occurred — but he feels the crystal in the pouch at his side heat, and then a feminine yelp and a gasp from behind him, the sound of a body stumbling back and hitting the floor.

He spins to catch her, and stops midmotion — as she’d come into the room after dressing the last time, he had not realized that such a transformation would leave her without clothing. His face, already beginning to tint red, immediately flushes deep crimson, hands moving helplessly, not knowing what to do, and eyes trying to look everywhere but at her. “V-Viola—-!” He mumbles frantically.

She is not as panicked, however, her initial surprise replaced by delight, and she scrambles to her feet, pushing some blonde hair out of her eyes and blue eyes bright with gleeful mischief. “Yeees~?” She asks, crossing her arms over her breasts and giggling. “It’s okay, Uri, I’m not embarrassed or anything, you don’t have to look away.”

"I— Viola!" He protests, hands coming up to press over his eyes, until she sighs, turning around and purposely sashaying away to a crate to find some of his spare clothing, trying to fluster him — it works, and the lowered hands freeze, bicolored eyes unable to tear themselves from her retreating back, and widening when she bent over— gods above, what was wrong with him, he should not be staring at her like this— and she glances over her shoulder, grins, winks, and — ”Viola!” He cries, horribly embarrassed. “Didst thou—-?!” She had wiggled at him. What even—?

She throws a halfrobe on, sauntering back over and booping his nose with a finger, still grinning. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered, Uri~”  She tells him. “Now, come on, give me those…” She reaches up, pushing his hood back with gentle fingers, and then they creep through his hair, finding the clasp at the back to undo his goggles, pulling them off and tossing them gently onto a table. His face is fully visible now, and she stands on her tiptoes to kiss him sweetly, enjoying how red he is.

She hesitates, hands returning to his shoulders, and watching him look away from her, cheeks hot and flushed and teeth worrying his lower lip. Did it bother him that much that he’d seen her naked, she wonders…and then the realization hits her, and she almost laughs. It’s no wonder he’s so flustered…now that she remembers, he’s never seen a naked woman before in his life. This is the first time…and judging from his expression, he has no idea what to do with himself, and whatever he’s feeling. Hard to figure out that sort of emotion when it’s never happened before. 

He hadn’t been her first master; she knows more than her fair share of sexual matters. And she’s been with Urianger for a millennium and a half and more — she knows exactly how little he knows. She knows he loves her, loves him back; their feelings are never in question…but wonders if he’s…attracted to her. She’s no blushing virgin, but he certainly is, and it’s been so long that she half-thinks he has never had any urges in his life and never will. That he never would want to — which is almost sad, because she does.

"…..Uri?" She asks impulsively, shifting slightly closer and eyebrows lifted at his soft exhale, at his expression shifting as he swallows. "I…um, I have a request, while I’m big," she begins slowly. "You…can say no, I won’t hold it against you. I won’t be mad; I understand. But I…while I can, since this may be my only chance, I…" She stops, searching for words tactful yet blunt enough that he’d understand her meaning. "I want to…" She takes a deep breath, reaching up to take his face in her hands and make him look at her, eyes meeting.

"I want to make love with you."

His eyes widen, and another shaking breath leaves him, a hand hesitantly reaching up to cup one of her cheeks, brushing against her hair. “I—” He begins, voice unsure and eyes back to darting around the room. “Thou knowest that I am not— I am far from— I know little and less of those matters, Viola, I…have never— I—” His voice fails him, and his hands come up to his face to take her hands and lower them between the two. She opens her mouth to reassure him, to promise him she understands that he doesn’t want to, to tell him it’s alright. But he squeezes her hands and continues. 

"But—" He tries. "I— I love thee, as well, more than words allow me to say, a-and…" He is finally able to meet his gaze, and his is steady even though his voice and hands shake. "A-And if I am to f-finally do such a thing, I can think of— of none other I would choose to be with than thee, my sun and stars." His voice drops to a murmur, and he squeezes her hands again. "I— I am willing, if thou wilt…have patience with me."

She gasps quietly ,and beams, nodding. “Of course,” she says, tugging on his hands and leading him out of the storage room and across the hall to the sleeping area, and to his bedchamber. “Just…follow my lead. It’ll be okay, and you…you can tell me to stop at any time if you change your mind. Okay?” He nods, but she can see that he’s made his decision, and she’s proud of him for it.

She makes him stand still, kissing his forehead and letting go of his hands, dropping hers to his waist to unclasp his belt, removing it and setting it on his desk. She smiles in pride as she watches him remove his gloves and giggles, taking them from him and putting them with the belt. His cowl is next, and she laughs aloud as she takes it from him as well, his expression incredibly embarrassed as he stands nervous and red-faced in his smallclothes. 

She gestures at him to remove his sandals as she places his clothing neatly with the rest, turning back to watch him as he does so. Her hand reaches out to brush against the scar on his right abdomen, sighing quietly, but she smiles, too, at the soft noise it elicits from him.

"Okay," she murmurs, once he’s suitably undressed. She slips the halfrobe back off, pushing him back gently onto the bed, and straddles him once he’s comfortable. His eyes widen considerably as her weight settles, and he can’t tear his eyes from her bare body, face red but fascinated despite himself. Her hands move slowly, picking his up to place them on her waist, and then she rests hers on his own waist, leaning to kiss him with more force than any of the chaste ones they’ve shared previously, her tongue slipping into his mouth — it’s brief, though, and then she moves, pressing featherlight kisses to the tattoo on his cheek and trailing them down his neck and collarbone. She can hear his breath quicken slightly, and she’s unable to lose the smile even though he can’t see it.

Her hands slide down his waist, hooking them in his briefs and shifting so that she can slowly tug them down, baring the rest of him. A hand brushes it again as it moves back up, and that gets an actual surprised gasp — “Oh—” He manages, eyes shooting further open at the sensation. 

"Shhh," she whispers, sliding down him to continue to trail kisses down his chest, especially the scar; fresh as it was, only moons old, it was sensitive, and he exhales aloud at the lips upon it, heart racing. One of her hands settles on his waist, but the other retreats back down again, taking his length and stroking it gently, eyes glancing back up to him as he moaned softly, hands tightening on her waist. 

"V-Viola—?" He gasps out as she continues, and she lifts her head to smile slightly.

"Is this okay?" She murmurs, watching him and pausing a moment to gauge his reactions, and is pleased to see him nod once, jerkily, breaths near coming in gasps now— his face is genuinely flushed, and she feels his length hardening beneath her hand as she continues to stroke it, kissing him deeply again.

She breaks the kiss, letting go and looking up, heart skipping a beat at his appearance — head back against the pillow, hair already disheveled and coming out of its usually-neat ponytail, face flushed…expression twisted in surprised pleasure and desperation. Oh. Well, that was enough to get her a bit aroused, seeing him so vulnerable and in this state.

She kisses him again before leaning back, shifting position and reaching down for his length again, her other hand coming up from his waist to his head, cupping his cheek. “Uri,” she murmurs. “Follow my lead. I promise you won’t hurt me.” That said, she shifts again, watching his face as she guides his length into her, gasping quietly. Her own breath quickens, but she slowly slides onto it fully, somewhat clumsily rolling her hips against him, inhaling sharply in pleasure at the sensation the motion sent through her, only made better by the helpless moan of pleasure escaping the man beneath her.

"Viola—!" He gasps out, hands instinctively moving up her sides as he matches the motion of her hips with his own, nearly overwhelmed by the experience so far — his mind barely coherent, so full of pleasure and need that nothing else fit. A hand finds her hair, tangling itself in it to pull her down to him, initiating a surprisingly passionate kiss while his other hand clumsily trails along her side again, down this time to her thigh.

It continues like this, hands trailing along bodies with gentle fingers, kisses filled with increasing need — the two barely parting lips save to gasp each others names, and bodies moving as one, clumsy and inexperienced, though neither of them cared. One final motion, and Urianger let out another gasp, eyes flying open again and hands tightening sharply where they were as he climaxed. 

She came soon after as well, and shifted, letting him slide out of her as she rolls to the side off of him, curling next to him and looking up, exhausted and blissful and hoping he was the same. His eyes are closed as he breathes slowly, his hair completely loosed from its ponytail, silvery strands sticking to his face as he turns to face her, smiling, a hand coming up to rest curled fingers on her cheek.

"I…oh." He begins, but his words fail him, and he just sighs, shaking his head. "That was…" 

Viola smiles back, rolling again to lie half on top of him, an arm slung over his chest and head tucked in his shoulder. “Amazing?” She suggests. “Incredible? Wonderful?” 

He chuckles quietly, wrapping an arm around her in return. “All three,” he murmurs, breathing beginning to slow as he starts to fall asleep. “I love thee dearly,” he says softly. “I…Viola, I…”

"I know," she tells him, kissing his forehead and the scar upon it. "I know, Uri. Now sleep…I’ll be a faerie again when you wake, but…this night was worth it." She smiles wider. "I’ll remember it forever."

He makes a soft noise. “Hopefully…” He begins. “There will be….more occasions such as this in the future.’ He pauses. “Though…with the knowledge that our lives are unending….I am certain there will be plenty…”

She giggles. “Mmm, true…thank you, Uri,” she adds. “It…means a lot that you…that we…” She pauses, and sighs, realizing he’s fallen asleep, and sits up slightly to push some hair out of his eyes. She doesn’t know the time, so she doesn’t know how much time she’s got left…so she curls back up next to him, closing her eyes and deciding to enjoy whatever time she’s got.

This had been some of the best two hours of her long, long life, she thinks — and she had a feeling Urianger would agree.